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Binance USD is coming to Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain

The U.S. dollar stablecoin of top crypto exchange Binance, BUSD, has become the latest stable token to announce it will launch on Dapper Labs’...

Ethereum 2.0 is coming, unlikely to speed up enterprise DeFi adoption

Many members of the blockchain community have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Ethereum 2.0, the major upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain set to...

Bitcoin on-chain volume hits a 1-year high with only 3.6% coming from exchanges

Bitcoin’s on-chain transfer volume grew considerably over the past month, ultimately hitting a 1-year high of 3.2 million BTC on September 9. At the...

Official ‘Doctor Who’ Merchandise Is Coming to the Blockchain

BBC Studios has officially entered the blockchain gaming space after partnering with Reality Gaming Group to develop a digital trading game for the popular...

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