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Bank of France settles $2.4M fund in central bank digital currency pilot

The Bank of France successfully piloted a central bank digital currency — or CBDC — experiment in December, using the technology to settle monetary...

With job listing, Canada’s central bank takes additional steps towards a CBDC

The Bank of Canada is looking to hire an economist who has a deep knowledge of financial technology and digital currencies, potentially signaling the...

Kyrgyzstan’s central bank suspends SWIFT to prevent capital outflow

The central bank of Kyrgyzstan has disabled cross-border transactions on the SWIFT financial network amid widespread unrest over the country’s disputed parliamentary elections.Aida Karabaeva,...

Symbol blockchain to host whisky fund and central bank collectibles at launch

Proof-of-stake blockchain NEM (XEM) is preparing for a token migration in December alongside the public launch of the Symbol (XYM) blockchain.Speaking to Cointelegraph, NEM...

Thai central bank issues $1.6B in government bonds on IBM blockchain

The Bank of Thailand launched the world’s first blockchain-based government savings bond issuance platform using IBM’s blockchain technology.Within two weeks of the launch, the...

Estonian central bank to conduct digital currency research

The Estonian central bank, Eesti Pank, announced the launch of a research program to study how to build a digital currency infrastructure.According to a...

European central bank execs are wrong — Intentionally or unknowingly?

Recently, European central bank executives — Thomas Moser from Swiss National Bank and Martin Diehl from Deutsche Bundesbank — stated that central bank digital...

Geopolitical fallout of central bank digital currencies

China’s Digital Currency Electronic Payment system is at the forefront of news around central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs. As China will be the...

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