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Developer reveals ‘biggest unsolvable Lightning attack vector’

Independent Bitcoin Lightning developer, Joost Jager, has outlined an exploit of the micro-payments network that could result in channels being compromised with very little...

Electrum Bitcoin wallet still plagued by known crypto phishing attack

Two Electrum software wallet users have recently reported the loss of large sums of Bitcoin (BTC). One victim described the disappearance of 1,400 BTC,...

Vitalik Buterin reveals why a 51% attack on ETH 2.0 ‘would not be fatal’

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has dismissed concerns that a 51% attack on Ethereum 2.0 would be ‘fatal’. The scenario emerged as a result of the...

Ethereum Classic suffers another 51% attack

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) network was hit by another 51% attack on August 29, causing the reorganization of more than 7,000 blocks just weeks...

Did Jack Daniels Thwart a Ransomware Attack or Not?

Ransomware gang REvil, known also as Sodinokibi, claims to have mounted a successful attack against the U.S. wine and spirits giant, Brown-Forman Corp —...

Why Chinese Miners Won’t Stage a 51% Attack on Bitcoin

China accounts for more than half of the world’s Bitcoin mining capacity but Jameson Lopp, the co-founder and CTO of Casa, has hosed down...

Is ETC 102% Screwed After Second 51% Attack?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has suffered a second 51% attack in less than one week, bringing the ongoing security of the network into question.On August...

51% Attack Bleeds More Than $5m From Ethereum Classic

A recent 51% attack that impacted Ethereum Classic (ETC) is believed to have resulted in approximately $5.6 million worth of the cryptocurrency being double-spent.A...

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