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Kepler Technologies ICO | Investing In Robots & “The Future”

Is this the future of robotics? What is Kepler Technologies? Kepler Technologies is working towards developing and producing AI and robotics, powered by blockchain technology....

ImmVRse ICO | The Future is VR

With the ImmVRse ICO fast approaching, here’s everything you need to know about ImmVRse. What is ImmVRse? ImmVRse is about bringing VR to the blockchain....

The Four-in-One Crypto Exchange/Education Ecosystem

Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing HybridBlock’s co-Founder, Apolo Ohno, in an exclusive interview about his project. >> Exclusive Apolo Ohno Video...

South Korea Lifting ICO Ban?

According to The Korea Times, South Korean financial authorities are discussing plans to re-introduce ICOs into the country. Last September, the South Korean government...

Are 80% of ICOs Scams?

Back on March 21st, Sherwin Dowlat posted an article via Medium titled “ICO Quality: Development & Trading.” Dowlat is a researcher, apart from the...

$1.7Bn Raised, Becomes First Ever Billion Dollar ICO

With 1.7 Bn$ Raised, TON Becomes the First Ever Billion-Dollar ICO in the History of Cryptocurrency. The brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov continue to...

Is Japan Legalizing ICO’s? | Country Proposes Guidelines

Is Japan Legalizing ICO’s? Japan has now proposed guidelines with the view of legalizing ICOs in the country. The proposal comes from the ICO...

Scam-but-not-a-Scam PR Stunt Goes Wrong

Savedroid has been a promising ICO since its inception. Founded in 2015, the project sought to develop algorithms based on artificial intelligence that...

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